Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Strike 1,2, and 3

Chase woke up coughing all night long. He sounds terrible- it's that barking, goosey cough. I took him into the pediatrician's office today and he has...(drumroll, anyone?)...croup. Blech.

So he's on a round of steroids, which he manages to spit out every time I try to sneak some into his open mouth. Wonder what the effectiveness rate does when he doesn't actually take the medicine?

Ian has been quiet all day. He's been a little stuffy, too, so I just let him hang out on my bed in front of the TV all afternoon after our office/pharmacy visits this morning. I just gave him a hug and noticed that he is BURNING UP.

And my scratchy throat from yesterday and this morning has turned into a full blown runny-nose, headachey cold.

So, yeah. Fun times.


Angelle said...

Oh man. That does NOT sound good. I hope Ian can make it to school tomorrow for the gingerbread houses. AND I'm sure you could do with the rest too.

Mandi said...

That sucks.

My Vword is "spedi" in: I hope your family has a spedi recovery!

Anonymous said...

I Aunt Deb gets sick again, she will never want to visit us!

Chris said...

Praying for a speedy recovery.

Having sick kids never fun. Being sick with sick kids--down right exhausting. Being sick and pregnant, with sick kids--well, then it's time to call for back up!