Monday, December 15, 2008

Free Cat

Free to a good home. 6 year old short haired black cat. Loves attention. Very gentle. Good with kids. Neutered and front declawed. Is developing a habit of peeing on my carpet, right next to my LazyBoy. GAH!!!

Seriously. My carpets are far from what anyone would consider clean. There are spit-up stains and juice stains, a giant blue stain from when someone dumped a bottle of blue bubble potion in front of the couch, a permanent circle of purple silly putty smack in the middle of the room, ground in animal crackers and pine needles. Obviously, I try to run the vacuum, but some crap just won't come out, and I'm ok with that. We have little kids. It's going to happen.

But CAT PEE?!?! EWWW!!! OMG, my stomach turns just thinking about it.

Anyone have any good home remedies before I suck it up and call Chem-Dry?


Mandi said...

our Harley likes to pee in our bathroom when we go on vacation. Luckily he's always on the tile but the SMELL - UGH!!! The best thing that we did to get rid of the smell, after cleaning, was to get activated charcoal in an open container and place it in the room. It really did absorb the smell, but then again, we don't have little ones running around either.

Angelle said...

I got nothin'. Stupid frickin cats.

Carydip said...

OK, as you know I trained Cotton to pee & poop in the toilet (brag,brag). But he still brings up hairballs and pukes on the rug. I got this stuff from the local pet store call, "Woolite Pet Stain & Odor Remover" It works great-no scrubbing, just spray it on heavily and let it dry. Bingo, stain & odor gone. Supposedly it also discourages pets from going again in the same area. Then after the holidays sounds like Chem-Dry wouldn't be a bad idea :) Love~Mom