Thursday, December 18, 2008

Still Here

We're all still alive.

Actually, it's not all that bad. Ian and Chase and I are swimming with a cold, but I think Ian escaped the worst of it, and Chase's croup (if that's what it really was) isn't too nasty. Although, the 'roid rages that he's been on because of the steroid treatment are quite amusing. He's been almost manic depressive...climbing all over everything, constantly moving, never focusing on anything...then BAM, down for the count. It's actually pretty funny.

I have Christmas shopping to do still, but I'm not going to stress about it because Gaga will be here on Monday and I will get out with the rest of the last-minute procrastinators and finish up.

There are cookies to be made still, but they are on the back burner, because really, who wants a virus-filled confection?

The tree still needs to be decorated, but there never seems to be a time when we are all home and one of us (um, me) isn't passed out in the recliner after dinner.

I'm choosing to focus on the positive:
*We are all (relatively) healthy.
*We have a warm house, with lights and food and mostly clean floors.
*Bryan has a job to go to every day.
*I'm not throwing up anymore.
*We all have clothes to wear (even if it would be really nice if someone, anyone, nominated our whole family for What Not to Wear.)
*I have good friends and neighbors to talk to.
*I have an awesome Wives Group and DSAC Mommies Group who support me in incredible ways.
*Our family is together for the holidays.

And so much more. There was a sermon in church a few weeks ago that focused on all that we have. The pastor asked us to raise our hands if we considered ourselves rich. Hardly anyone did. But then he continued asking questions about the things that we had in life that not everyone else does; in fact, many people don't.

Suddenly I'm feeling very rich indeed.

So, with being sick, and the funky weather and everything else that gets piled on my day to day life, I think it really helps me to stop thinking about what should be, and just focus on what IS.

End inspirational post.


Mandi said...

Very well done inspirational post. Now my cramps don't seem all that bad. At least i have the ability to feel them. :) Thanks!

Nick McGivney said...

You're not throwing up anymore?!? What kinda sad, half-baked Christmas party IS this?