Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Have Yourself A Merry Little Earache...

So, I'm not the only one with ear issues around here.

Sunday Chase's left ear started draining fluid (which I'm told is a good thing-- it means his tubes are working). It continued to drain all day (yuck) and then Monday it started draining blood, too (extra yuck and minor freak out for me). Monday afternoon the right ear started draining, too.

As luck would have it, he had a follow-up visit with the ENT Monday afternoon, so after all kinds of craziness trying to get there (Gaga was watching the kids, I was shopping, I couldn't get home in time because of a car accident, she had to meet me at the dr office with the kids with very little notice, I had her cell phone because mine was dead, she has the same sense of direction that I do-- sorry Mom, it's true--, and I wasn't sure if we were ever going to make it but we did!!), we saw the ear doctor.

He said everything was normal...I mean, he has an infection, and it's settled in his ears, but the tubes were working and the bloody drainage was typical because the ears are irritated. So, we now have drops for his poor little ears and hopefully that will all clear up. He also offered to look in my ears (still infected, and probably won't pop until another week or so...gah!!) and checked out Ian as well (all clear!). I feel good about getting my copay out of that visit :) He is a very nice man.

Off to do the final last minute shopping today, pending everyone's ear health. Anyone have any ideas on how to sneak stocking stuffer gifts for Ian right past him at the store??


LeShayne said...

Maybe get one of those tupperware containers and "pretend to buy it" so you can hide stuff in it as you go...then when you check out just tell the cashier you dont want it. I got nothing - Todd always took the kids while I did stocking shopping...and this year we did the shopping/date night thing.

jessica said...

My daughter is almost 7 and I can still by stocking stuffers in front of her, and actual gifts sometimes too. Although she is a total space cadet. She'll just ask "oooh, is that for me?" and I just tell her I haven't decided who it's for yet. Then when the big day comes around I just tell her Santa must have known she wanted one so he brought her one too! Good luck and sorry about the ears!