Friday, December 5, 2008

Holiday Food Dilemma- HELP!

Ok, so tomorrow is Bryan's corporate holiday party. He RSVP'd and said that I would make rum balls (his favorite, so I can't blame him!) but I don't have enough time to make them and then let them sit (they have to 'marinate' for at least a week to be good...).

So, here I sit, needing some inspiration to make something desserty and yummy and finger-food-ish. Any ideas?


Erica Lynn said...

have you seen bakerella's cake or oreo balls yet?

Nikki made the oreo ones with the holiday candy cane oreos and said they were delicious. My friend christina actually made the turkey pops (with cake) and said they rocked. They may not have rum in them but they sure look like fun, and tasty!

Mandi said...

My 2 favorite holiday dishes are bullsyes (chocolate covered crunchy peanut butter/rice crispy balls) and brittle (saltines covered in home made caramel and chocolate, then baked and broken up like britte) I have the recipies for both at the house if you'd like them!

Laurie said...

Yum, yum, and YUM you guys! Thanks!

Mandi, will you send me the brittle recipe? And Erica, I had seen the oreo truffles on another blog, but maybe I will have to bite it and make those, too!

Angelle said...

My favorite holiday dessert finger food is Butter Balls. They are those powdered sugar covered butter cookies with nuts. I can eat them all day. :)