Wednesday, December 10, 2008

NT Screen Thoughts

I had the first trimester Nuchal Translucency screen Wednesday...which was weird. I wasn't offered this with Chase. I don't know if it would have changed anything, as even the level II sonos at 22 and 34 weeks didn't offer any clues as to his diagnosis.

I don't know if I even would have wanted the advance notice. I don't know if it would have been easier following his birth or harder for the remainder of the pregnancy. I just don't know.

It's different now, though. I'm not afraid of another diagnosis. I don't particularly want to spend another month (or two or more) commuting back and forth from the NICN. I don't wish to watch another baby of mine lay in that awful open bassinet with the heat lamps and the tubes and whatnot. Obviously, we all want healthy pink bundles of joy to take home and to match our perfect lives...but that just doesn't always happen. But I'm not afraid. But I do feel a little guilty for wanting everything to be "normal". Does that make sense? I'd just want to know, I guess. Although, not enough to do anything invasive. I'm just not down with all the needles and extra procedures.

Anyhoo. We had the NT Screen, and we won't know anything definite until they plug all my numbers and stats and measurements into the official formula and call me back in a week. But, the tech did say that everything looked "nice and thin and healthy" and she "doesn't have any reservations about this pregnancy" (which I thought was a little weird to say, but really, anything can be twisted into weirdness.)

She also said that there is a theory about determining the sex of the baby this's the "Nub Theory" I've since learned. If the said nub is perpendicular to the body, then it will be a boy. If it is parallel, then it's a girl.

...She said it was definitely parallel!! It's definitely a tentative, unproven theory, but still. Who knows? So, do what you want with that information, then go and vote on the gender prediction on the right side!


Mandi said...

I don't thing there's anything you should be feeling guilty about - everyone wants a 'normal' baby. I don't know of anyone that says, "I hope my baby has phycial and/or emotional disorders."
I'm so happy for you, but i just can't imagine what a girl Maddex would be like! (Hopefully just like YOU!)

Laurie said...

No, it's more of a I'm-not-insinuating-that-Chase-is-missing-out-on-something. Not that I wish for developmental issues of any sort, but that I don't want it to sound like I think Chase is any less loved because he's 'enhanced' :)

And there are 3 girl Maddexes already! Tori, Taylyn, and Aislynn!

Angelle said...

Strange that this JUST came up on my Google reader.

I am glad that everything looked 'normal', but we all know how loved Chase is and how loved any new baby Maddex will be, no matter what.

I would want to know too.

Tiffanyrose said...

"Nub Theory"? I like the term she used better..hee hee!

Kacey Bode said...

A girl would be cool! I totally get what you are saying about the testing. I'm happy that everything looks good so far!!

Melanie said...

I also felt guilty about wanting Aubrey to be healthy. I felt like I was saying Logan was not good enough. It was a strange feeling and hard to explain. I had blood drawn and an ultrasound at about 11 weeks to rule out any problems. I wish I wouldn't have bothered, but at the time I was afraid of another surprise at birth. I just wanted to be prepared for whatever was coming. My doc also did the pointing up or parallel thing. He was 80% sure she would be a girl. Her's was parallel. My bloodwork came back 1 in 40. They told me it was because I had a baby with DS previously. Everything looked good though on the ultrasound.

Jen said...

Okay, I think it's a boy. I guess I just like to be the difficult one. :) If you have a girl, I'm going to be totally jealous.

Nothing to feel guilty about, either. I had the same thoughts, and I did more invasive testing. Because I just HAD to know. I was going to make myself crazy otherwise. So clearly, you're not as neurotic a person as me! Glad to hear everything looks healthy so far.

Carydip said...

I'm so proud of your healthy and normal attitude toward this pregnancy. I can hear in your words that it's all good either way. I can remember a while ago about how you said research showed that an older and younger sibling would be good for Chase's development. So hurray for Chase if he gets a little brother or sister! I'm so excited for all of you (and me too)! Love~Mom