Saturday, December 20, 2008


Ok, so sepia may not have been the best choice for this photo, but it looked kind of neat on my camera and I don't feel like retaking anything.Anyhoo. We decorated the tree was the most perfect decorating experience ever (except for a debacle involving the strands of lights, but I worked it out).

Ian helped without breaking anything (except for the star, which Bryan will have to weld back together sometime before The Big Day). He hung lots of ornaments (on the bottom quarter of the tree, most on one branch) and was just so excited to be decorating. I think perhaps it was the long anticipatory wait that fueled his excitement. Maybe I'll do this again next year.

Bryan did not complain once about wrapping the tree with lights, even though his hands and forearms broke out a little bit from the tree sap or whatever it is that he is allergic to.

Chase took a nap. I feel a little bad that he slept through the Christmas decorating, but really, he is at the stage where everything needs to be thrown or put into his mouth, boxes need to be dumped, and anything hanging anywhere needs to be pulled. Oh, and he can get to the stairs from the living room, so all he wants to do is go up and down them, which means that one of us has to stand behind him and catch him if he missteps or tries to sit down on one of them. So, it was kind of better for all of us that he napped.

There was even music playing in the background, thanks to Bryan's new techno-TV set up.

It was just nice today to spend time together and complete a project on my to-do list.

Merry almost Christmas!


Angelle said...

We definitely decorated while Erin was napping. I don't think that would have been fun for anybody.

Carydip said...

Remember the year I was with you when Ian helped decorating by throwing the ball ornaments at the tree and a couple actually caught? I'll never forget how funny that was. Glad you had a relaxing day-sounds like you needed it, also glad you're all feeling better. Love~Mom