Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Now that THAT's out of the way...Rewind to November's Feast

Ian had his feast at preschool the Monday before Thanksgiving, where all the 3 year olds sang the "Bernie" song in full Native American regalia. That's Eenie, 4th from the right on the top. He was standing next to Jorge, a very exuberant performer, who fell down once and knocked Ian about the head once with a spirited "HUH!" arm movement.

I was so proud of Ian, though. He not only sang the Huh! part, but also nailed the "yeah yeah yeah yeah" with full blown arm waving. Musical theatre, here we come!!
Here's a close-up of him in costume. Notice the Bronco themed headress (blue and orange feathers) and the t-shirt that I forgot to pay for and had to bring my $5 in after Thanksgiving break with my head held down in shame.

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