Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Party and Food Mishaps

First, I want to recommend to everyone to go find themselves a trustworthy teenager who will babysit your kids for a reasonable price. We finally have a 'regular' babysitter, who is always willing to come watch the boys, and I don't feel like I'm imposing on friends or family. It's nice.

So, anyways. Sarah came to watch the boys and we went out, dressed up, (I even wore heels!), and didn't worry for 3 straight hours if anyone needed anything to eat or if anyone needed a diaper change or a potty stop. It was glorious :)

My dessert making was not so great, though. I started making truffles, but ended up not having enough time to finish them. So now I have a giant vat of chocolate truffles makings in my fridge. Hmm. Wonder what I should do with that...?

I bought a cake from Harris Teeter and brought that. And I garnished it with Lindor milk chocolates filled with white chocolate. Which I ended up eating 8 of for breakfast this morning. And there were a hundred desserts there, so not much cake was eaten. Now I have a tray full of Moravian sugar cake that I need to dispose of. I think, rather than eating it with my chocolates, I will freeze it and save it to put in my baked french toast on Christmas morning. Mmm.


Angelle said...

Babysitters rock!!!

Glad you guys had a good time.

LeShayne said...

We have been screaming that about babysitters for years!!! Unfortunately our two favorites (they're twins) graduate from high school this year, they've been with us since they were 11 yrs old and they came together and Tristan was 6 months old. Its like my sisters growing up and off to college.

Glad you had fun at your party, sorry to hear about your dessert issues. I say eat it all :-)