Saturday, October 30, 2010


I missed a blog yesterday. We were out late last night because of a PTA-sponsored movie night at the boys' schools.  I volunteered  to work it, but was on clean-up duty, so I got to sit and enjoy the movie with Bryan and the boys.

It was pretty cute- everyone was in their pajamas and brought sleeping bags and pillows and sprawled out all over the gym floor.  We ate pizza, popcorn, sno-cones, soda, and a pickle (Ian's choice).  I am pretty sure I was severely over charged. Looking back on it, I should have paid $9 for everything, and instead I burned through $20.  It was dark, I had all three boys (before Bryan got there from work)...Ah, well.  I am considering it a donation to the school.

The littles were happy until the popcorn and the sno-cones ran out, so Bryan took them home for bed.  Ian and I stayed, lounging on our blanket, watching the end of How to Train Your Dragon.  Ian held my hand and told me not to worry when it got to the scary parts.  Love that boy, and loved that time with him.

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