Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Hit and a Miss

Whoops.  Missed yesterday's 31 for 21 blog post.  Dang.

BUT I missed because I was so incredibly busy for our Buddy Walk, which turned out to be our biggest turnout/fund raiser EVER.  More to come on that when my dad has a sec to send over some pictures of the day.

I just want to take a moment before I put my feet up for the night and enjoy a full one hour of reading time to think about what a ca-razy day yesterday was, even though it was a compete HIT as far as fun and fundraising was concerned.

It started at 2am when I couldn't sleep because I had a running list of things to do for the following day.  So I got up and worked from 2:30am-4:30am and packed the car for football and the Buddy Walk.  Then I caught a couple more hours of sleep.

At 8:50 we were on the road (we being me and the boys, because Bryan had to leave early to get to the walk).  Ian played his game (and was a darn cute quarterback) and I did the quickest after game snack ever (I think I MAY have beaned a kid or two with a Capri Sun or a granola bar).  Then we piled in the car and headed off for Freedom Park.  I stopped on the way to fill the volunteer coolers with ice, then got to the parking lot to babysit the golf carts that we were using to transport people to and from the walk area and the parking lots.  The kids played, I had to pee really badly, and Bryan eventually came to take over while I ran to the bathroom.  The kids changed into their walk attire, we all worked/played/walked at the BW, helped to clean up at the end, and then jump started my van afterwards because Mr. Chase had turned on every lever/button that he could find earlier in the day and drained the battery.

We made it home with ALL THREE children still wide awake at 8pm, dumped all of them in bed and then sat comatose in front of last week's Glee episode before dragging ourselves upstairs.


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