Monday, October 25, 2010


I'm trying really hard to count my many of my frustrations are trivial, really, compared to others' problems.  That being said, sometimes one just needs to VENT.  So, if I balance my whining with celebrations, does that even out?

1- The giant pile of laundry that covers, oh, my entire 2nd story.  After two trips to NY, and 3 weeks of generally living in this house without setting any time aside to do general chores (like occasional loads of laundry) my washer got plugged up with little kid socks, a bunch of change, rocks, acorns, buttons, little pieces of toys, and hunks-o-lint.  I couldn't catch up on laundry because I couldn't do the laundry if I wanted to.  So last night, Bryan finally had some time to go fishing in the drain line and fixed it.  Since then, um, 24 hours ago, I have been washing clothes.

2- Chase will not keep his fricking patch on his fracking eye!!!  GAH!!!  He was doing it without too much complaint, but we upped the ante to three hours a day, and he has decided that this plan no longer is acceptable.  He tears that thing off every single flipping time I turn around, and now he no longer delicately peels it off so that I can re-stick in on.  He tears that sucker off and crumples it up, then hides it in a corner.  I am not giving up the battle, but I foresee glasses in his future.  And I am about ready to duct tape that sh*t onto his head.

3- Ian moves like molasses whenever I need him to move quickly.  Like when we are late for something (always) or when it is bedtime.  And then he plays it off all cute, so I have to feel really bad about hollering at him to get into his pajamas because he was hiding behind a couch to scare me or something.  The kid just wants attention...but why oh why does he only want it when I have a billion time sensitive things to do and it is a school night?!??!

4-Guy threw like 3 plates of food on the floor today.  Awesome.

1- I had time to take Ian to a Kung Fu class with his friend Colin today and he totally loved it.  I loved watching him learn something new and enjoy time with his friend :)

2- I did not overeat or snack mindlessly today...a pastime that I have been working on way too much lately and need to control again.

3- Chase pointed to the pictures in his book tonight and named them.

4- The pharmacist was out of Chase's prescription this evening, but he gave me enough for free so that it would last me until it was restocked.

5- All the boys had GREAT appetites this evening (probably because they were starving, but whatever) and ate pasta with red sauce and meatballs, and green beans.  

6- Bryan got me this new computer :)  I like that he thought about what I needed and acted on it.  Love!

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Mandi said...

I'm sure you've thought of this: but what if Chase was able to dress like a pirate during his patch time? Would he enjoy that? Or what if Ian wore a fake patch?

Just some suggestions - Good luck!