Sunday, October 3, 2010

Day 3: Live from New York!

Thanks to Bryan for guest blogging yesterday!  I think that was his first official appearance here!

Gavin and I are safe at the GG's house, after a 6am flight out of Charlotte, which was booked after our initial evening flight had been delayed so much that we would have missed our connection to Rochester the night before.  All things considered, we both did very well on the trip up, and neither of us had any temper tantrums.

The weather is beautifully crisp here, the trees are starting to change.  We've made our first trip to Wegmans and I am planning to go out to Chase's for some fresh produce and to Schutt's for some cider today.

Gavin immediately took to Little GG, and he follows her everywhere, gifting things to her and asking for her to hold him all the time.  He also learned quickly where Big GG's candy dish was, and has since become a candy corn addict like myself.

We stopped at Sue and Dahni's house after they picked us up at the airport, and Gavin wandered and explored everywhere, discovering and scaring one of their kitties, Bella.  He spent the remaining time at their house calling, "Weh-waaaaah...?" trying to find where she had hidden.

It's nice up here...we are enjoying family and seeing the GG's, but it is very very strange without the other boys.  I think even Gavin feels a little weirded out with all of the attention on him every second of the day (although I think he may be enjoying it, as he is putting on quite a show for everyone with his total.extreme.cuteness.).

Must go...Guy is begging for animal crackers now, and I am sure that Little GG would like to sit down and take a little break :)

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