Thursday, October 28, 2010

Famous Again

You know, I always wanted my name in lights...these are just a different kind than I imagined them being...!

Bryan, Chase and I were all interviewed (well, Chase didn't really talk much, except to say CHEESE with a big hammy grin every time he saw the camera) for our church's outreach video highlighting the partnership between Elevation and the Down Syndrome Association of Charlotte.  They participated in the Buddy Walk and took a ton of footage there, and they are going to weave our story throughout that.

It was weird, there.  Sitting in front of the camera, answering questions and telling our story out loud.  I mean, I've written it down plenty, but actually vocalizing it?  And trying to tell it without being able to go back and rewrite?  Hard!

It was also hard just trying to find the right words...there is so much depth to having a child with a disability...heartache and grief, but also joy and celebrations...and many many places that you draw support from, some big and some smaller.  I don't know.  It was just difficult to tie it all up into a neat package for the general public to understand.

I'm nervous that I didn't do a good job.  I feel like I focused on the sad parts at the beginning, and then didn't have enough time to tell the awesome parts at the end.  I don't want people's pity, I just want them to understand- to understand me, our family, and Chase.

Agh.  I will post the link when we have it.  Maybe ;)


Mandi said...

There was an article in Parents magazine about a woman's DS birth story when her daugher, Nella was born. It of course made me think of you, but it was just a beatifully honest account. Have you read it? Its in october's issue.

Laurie said...

Yeah- her blog is linked to mine, and we actually both are bloglisted on :) She is a great writer/photographer!