Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pink Shirt

Ok, I lied about not having anything to say.

Ian came home from school and immediately wanted to change his shirt because "the shirt you gave me to wear this morning has something girly on it and I can't wear it again...and I had to wear my sweatshirt all zipped up all day long today because I didn't want anyone to see it."

He refused to tell me what made it "girly" in front of the daycare boys, so he whispered it in my ear.  It's pink, Mom!

I'll have to add a picture later, but the shirt is red, okay, it is a muted red...but not pink!  And he's worn it a couple times before...wonder if he just got called out on it today by some little twerp.  Poor Ian.  I felt so bad.  It reminded me of the time that my mom sent me to school in my Strawberry Shortcake pajamas because it was "Jamz" day- she didn't know it meant those cool shorts, not sleepwear.  I spent the whole day in my winter coat, zipped up to my chin.

He changed into his Star Wars t-shirt (which, btw is getting a wee small.  If anyone wants a Christmas gift idea, t-shirts with cool things on them, size 5/6, or S would be GREAT.  Star Wars, Spiderman...etc.) and advertised the fact that he was wearing a better shirt now to everyone: See how cool this shirt is that I am wearing now?!


Mom said...

You are never going to let me forget about the jams, are you? The ladies at work had a blast with it!

Also remember the little red shoes. Some kid must have made fun of them in preschool, because you refused to wear them ever again!

Mom said...

You will never let me forget about the jams incident, will you? The ladies at work thought it was hilarious....

Remember the little red shoes? Some kid must have made fun of them in preschool, because all of a sudden you would NOT EVER wear them again!