Saturday, October 2, 2010

31 for 21 Day 2

Well Laurie is off having fun with her Grandparents this weekend. She was up at 2:30am this morning and I am guessing was too tired to wait for the "GGs" computer to work with her because she left me a message asking me to guest blog for her tonight. Hello, this is Bryan.  :)

I would say that Chase has the best big brother on the plant!  Below you will see Chase reading one of his mothers books (for about 10 minutes) and Ian playing with the baby toy near by. Not sure why Ian is playing with a baby toy and Chase is reading a book but maybe it is to remind me that I should not assume what will entertain either kid!

We went to McDs tonight for some good (easy) dinner and quality play place time.  Every time I take the boys there Ian holds Chase's hand and walks him into the restaurant. Then Ian likes to hold the door open for both Chase and I. Ian usually will make his dinner request and then lead Chase into the play place. I did not have Gavin with me tonight so I just watched thru the window and learned that Ian really is the best big brother Chase could ask for!

Chase goes up to the stairs where Ian stops him and helps him take his shoes off. Ian then puts his socks on and heads in saying Chase! Chase! 

They ended up playing for a good hour and a half. The whole time Ian leading Chase around or being chased by Chase, both were having too much fun. Thanks Ian for loving your little brother!

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