Friday, October 1, 2010

31 for 21 Day 1... Peer Presentation Lesson Plan

This year, Ian's Kindergarten class is in the same hallway as Chase's class, so they see each other throughout the day.  I decided that it might be the time to go into Ian's class and do a presentation on Down syndrome (and what better time to do it then Down syndrome Awareness month?!)- to answer any questions that they might have about his brother.

I approached his teacher, and she was really awesome about it- I have 30 minutes to do my thang on October 12th.  And because I am a teacher-nerd, I have my lesson plan already written up and ready to share with you :)  It is geared for K, but you could easily do with with up to third without tweaking it, and just add more of the science-y stuff and possibly a different book for older kids. 

I also have a handout for the kids to bring home to their parents...It is kind of like a mini Ben book (the one I am using for the presentation), but I am putting Chase's photos in and filling it in with Chase-specific words.

*Disclaimer:  I did NOT think up any of these activities myself...they are borrowed from a presentation from the Down Syndrome Guild of Greater Kansas City.  I just put them all together.  :)  Borrowing ideas is what I do best!

Lesson plan:

Introduce myself as Ian and Chase's mom, thank them for having me in their class and share with them that I have a book to read to them.  Explain that the little boy in the book, Ben, has a secret, and Ian's brother Chase has that same secret.

Talk about how Chase was born with Down syndrome, too.  Define Ds (body is made of cells, cells have information called chromosomes that tell the body what to do, most people have 46 chromosomes, Chase has 47)

Chromosome Activity:  Ask for 3 volunteers.  2 people stand back to back and link arms, illustrating a pair of chromosomes.  Have them wiggle their arms around.  Now add a 3rd student, who stands on one side and links arms with them.  Now ask them to wiggle again...this time it is more difficult to move...that is what the 21st trisomy looks like.

Now, even though Chase has that extra information in his body, he is still just like all of us.  
More Alike Activity: Read a list of Chase's likes and dislikes.  Have children raise their hands if they agree with any of the statements as you read them.  Example:  Who likes goldfish crackers?  Chase does too!  Who doesn't like cleaning their room?  Chase doesn't either!

Down syndrome does make it a little harder for Chase to do some things.  He has to work extra hard at learning things sometimes.  His muscles sometimes don't work as well as yours do.  Like when he talks.  It is hard for his mouth to make the sounds for all the letters.
Speech Activity:  Pair up students.  Tell them that they are each going to get one marshmallow.  Taking turns, each student will place the marshmallow on the top of their tongue and then try to tell their partner something (ex, what they had for dinner last night) and the partner will talk about if they could understand them.

Fine Motor Activity:  Choose a few students to come write their name on a piece of paper.   Then ask them to put a thick sock on their hand and write their name on the paper again.  Discuss how it was harder the second time and why.  

Wrap up:
See?  Chase is just like you guys, he just needs extra time to learn things.  It's our job to help him when he needs it, and to spend time teaching him things he needs to learn, and being friendly.  It is also our job to treat him respectfully, just like you would treat your friends and your friends' brothers and sisters.

Q and A session, then close by thanking them for letting me share their classroom.  


Cate said...

this is fantastic. thank you!

Suzie and Lily said...

Oh my your header picture says a lot! I have three sons too and then Lily so I'm right there with you!
Great plan!

Mandi said...

what a great plan with awesome activities. this is something they will remember and take with them for the rest of their lives. YAY!

my family said...

how awesome, I am also doing a presentation for my kids school this month. I have my power point ready and im so excited

Kacey Bode said...

That is awesome!! I like the book My Friend Isabelle too, it's really good, and have read it to Hunter's class!!

Becky said...

I love this. I am a kindy teacher with a student with Ds this year. I wish I had this in August! I still may use some of it. The biggest problem I have is that the kids want to baby him and do everything for him. He is the size and maturity of a 3 year old, although academically higher. He will be 6 next month, but they just don't understand.