Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Random Update

I seem to be doing a lot of these lately.

I've been pretty productive lately and am feeling pretty good about it. I mowed and trimmed our jungle of a lawn yesterday and today (It was a two day process). Laundry is kind of caught up and my house isn't a disaster area, so that's good.

We think we have an answer (cross your fingers) for Chase's butt problems. The GI dr gave us some solutions, but really no answers. So I consulted Dr. Google and I believe Chase has gastroenteritis caused by a lactose intolerance (not an allergy, which is why it didn't show in the previous tests), which contributes to the malabsorption of nutrients during digestion because his little intestinal track is so imflamed that it moves everything along superfast. We've taken him off milk products and he's on a strict BRAT diet while his butt heals. In the 2 days he's been off milk, I already see a difference. Seriously, I should get paid for this. How much did I just pay the GI guy to tell me to give him Metamucil and Immodium??? Oy.

Oh, also, thanks to the Pull-Thru Network, I found an incredible butt paste for Chase's raging diaper rash. It's called ILEX paste, and you put it on and it adheres to the skin so that when your child poohs all the time, it will protect his heiney so it has a fighting chance to heal. We're on day two of it here and his butt is looking a hundred times better already. Woot!

Speaking of butts, Ian told me the other day that his "underwear is itching on the cheeks of his butt". LOL. He freaking cracks me up so much.

I just realized that the scroll feature on my touch pad isn't working anymore. Crappy.

Well, Chasey is waking up from his nap, so I will leave it at that. I did finally find our MI trip pictures, so I will make an attempt to post them today...

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Chris said...

Thanks for the rear end up date.

Glad Chase's is doing better.

Sounds like Ian may need some new undies or you need to add fabric softener to the wash :)

Tagged you for a meme--want to know what makes you happy--non kid and Ds related.