Wednesday, September 17, 2008

GI Visit

First of all, I need to tell everyone how much I love my ped practice. This morning the dr that we saw yesterday called me and told me the results personally. She then faxed them all over to Jim, the GI doc, and told me to make sure to push for the scope. And then, after we saw the GI guy, our regular ped called my cell just to check in on us and see what was going on. It's nice to know that Chase is just more than a chart at the office.

So we go to see Jim, and Bryan even takes off work to join us (Thanks, Honey. I needed someone to lean on today). Jim asks about how Chase has been, we go through all the ups and downs. He also asks about Bryan's motorcycle and they talk about that for like a half hour. Then we get back to Chase. And he says that he'd like to do a scope and take some biopsies to see what's going on down there. Perfect. He also tells us that the lactose intolerance is unlikely, but not impossible. So, in order to get some extra fat and calories in Chase, we should give him whipping cream. And butter.

So, I'm waiting on the call to schedule the scope. And Chase has already downed a pint and a half of heavy whipping cream. For all of you who have never figured out how many calories are in a pint of whipping cream, it is 16 servings of 50 calories...yes, 800 calories. And 88g of fat.

Chase ate pretty well today, and even put some chicken nuggets and fries from Chik-fil-A in his mouth (which he promptly removed and threw on the floor...but at least he was INTERESTED!). He had lots of energy and even laughed and played this evening. So, yay! Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers :)

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Angelle said...

Wow, whipping cream? I have never heard that one. But 800 calories is awesome! I bet you are so relieved to see the change in his behavior. We were missing happy Chasey!