Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fun and Games

And sometimes we need something to take our minds off more pressing matters...:

Wii Outdoor Challenge was recommended to me by Chase's play therapist (Thanks, Carol!!) for increasing Chase's fitness level. Lol. No, it's for the big people :) And I think Eenie will like it, too.

Bryan and I tried it out until after eleven last night, even though we were tired from a long day and both still fighting a bout of something nasty. It's that fun :) I went to bed expecting to be sore this morning, but so far, so good. The tube slider challenge really works your upper arms, the whack-a-mole challenge makes you think and move fast, and I'm pretty sure I have never jumped so much (try the hurdles or the jumprope challenge)on one occasion since that one time I took a kick boxing class and never went back...

Anyway. Fun stuff, and a needed mental break. You should try it.

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Chris said...

I'm off to Amazon to buy this; sounds fun!

Glad you are taking some time to have some fun while you await Chase's test results. Hope you get some answers. Sometimes, the not knowing can be the hardest part.