Sunday, September 14, 2008

Going Postal

The other day I got this notice in my mailbox:

Now, honestly, I don't make a habit out of parking in front of the box. A friend came over for an hour-ish for a playdate with the kids, and the mailman happened to come by at that time.

Does this not look like the guy had a serious issue with me? Final Notice? And it's written in a kind of psychopathic-type scrawl...!

...Seriously? I feel like I've been told off. I'm going to spend the rest of my time in this house avoiding all contact with the mail carrier, and under constant worry that someone will park next to the mailbox, or the garbage man will leave my garbage can too close...Because what happens after the Final Notice??

I don't want to find out.

1 comment:

LeShayne said...

That is hilarious - in a super creepy stay far far away from the mailman kind of way. LOL! Thanks for the morning laugh.