Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Chasey news:Someone stands up all over the place now. On the rocker, the exersaucer, the kitchen chairs, the freezer, the nightstand, Ian's train table, even on the oven (flat surface!). He loves to do things he knows he's not supposed to, like dump the cat's water dish, beeline down the hallway toward the laundry room with the catbox (eww.), and steal Ian's favorite toys. He is getting good at putting coins in that playschool piggy bank toy, and tries to stack blocks by himself. He seems to be babbling more, and loudly at that. Oh, and he also got his first fat lip, courtesy of Ian who was trying to "help" him crawl under his legs (like freeze tag, Mommy!).

Eenie news:The first day of school is tomorrow, and swim lessons start up again next week, so maybe he won't be quite so bo-red around here anymore. He's starting to recognize more letters and is even doing some simple addition (I know I sound like a freak when I say that, but seriously, he says things like, "I have 1 plum and 2 more plums and 1 plus 2 is 3!") He has the cutest pair of Converse sneakers to wear tomorrow, and he's way excited about his new teacher, Ms. Krystal, who has monkeys everywhere in her room. He is also looking forward to when he is 17 so he can be a 'men' like Daddy and always use the mens room intsead of having to go into the girls' restroom.

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Chris said...

Sounds like both of your little men are doing great!