Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Oh, Boy.

We were playing at Tiff's house yesterday...the moms and the babies were inside, and Ian and Kenna were eating popsicles in the garage.

Suddenly, I heard Ian screaming/crying.

I went into the garage, and this is the story that I got:

Apparently, Ian was holding onto the bottom of the garage door when Kenna 'accidentally' pushed the button to make the door go up. Ian said she made it go 'way high when I was holding on' and he was dangling from the top of the garage. Kenna tried to help him down (can you imagine this? Kenna is 7 and probably 40 pounds soaking wet, Ian is almost her size but a few inches shorter) but he fell anyway. Ian landed pretty hard on his hands and needed 'a ginormous bandaid for my hurting hands' but settled for the ice that Kenna got for him.

Ok. I know that playing on the garage door is not the safest possible activity for my 3 year old, and shame on me for not watching them closer...but that's funny, no?

I asked Ian what lesson he learned from all of this, and he said, 'Don't accidentally push the garage button and hang from the door.'

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