Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bike Riding

A couple weekends ago we all got fitted for helmets,and loaded up the van and the boys and hit the road trails at Cane Creek Park.

Ian likes the trailer, but is deathly afraid of the bike seat. Chasey doesn't necessarily love sitting still in the bike seat, but as long as I kept moving, he was moderately amused...until he fell fast asleep.

The trails at the park were disappointingly short, so we did a few laps, then let the boys play on the playground before we packed everything up again.

Notes for next time:
*The bike trailer folds. It is much easier to pack in the car folded up. Sorry, Bryan. Next time it will be easier.

*Riding in the bike trailer is fun...but not as much fun as smooshing giant mushrooms with a big rock.

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