Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Chasey Update

After he was lethargic all Sunday, and continues to refuse to eat...I took Chase to the pediatrician again yesterday. We saw a different doctor than we normally see.

After I explained our whole story, she said, "Ok, you have a choice. You can bring him to the hospital now, or you can take him home and monitor him very closely as we wait for the results of the tests we're running today."


To say that I'm upset doesn't even touch it. Every time I imagine trying to split my time between home and hospital again, I start to cry. Every time I imagine Chase subjected to any kind of procedure, I cry. Every time I sit down to feed him, and he throws everything I give him on the floor and then puts his head down on his tray, I feel like a total failure. Seriously. I can't get my child to eat. What is wrong with me?

Basically, he's lost a pound in a month. He's borderline dehydrated. No one can tell me what's wrong...yet. The ped drew blood and took 2 dirty diapers for tests. She's running everything. Hopefully there will be some answer this time. Maybe he's contracted some sort of rare and nasty bacteria and all we need is some super antibiotic. I don't even want to think about the other possibilities.

We're off to the GI guy again this afternoon. The ped told me to push for a GI scope, so we can actually see what is going on down there.

On a positive note, Chase has eaten some breakfast today and drank about 6 oz of milk with a scoop of infant formula in it. He's been pretty active this morning and has even been almost happy most of the time.

So, yeah. We could use some prayers and thought in the next week or so. We need some answers. We need some solutions. We need for Chase to eat. We need our sanity back.


Tiffanyrose said...

Sweetie, I know how frustrating it can be to watch your child just start to get smaller. I have gone through it three times. If you need an extra set of hands to try and feed Chase or watch Ian so you can focus 100% on feeding Chase then you know where I am. You and Chase will be in my prayers.

carydip said...

Laurie-THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU! get that out of your head right now. There's something wrong with Chase and I can't believe the docs have let him suffer this long without thinking-hey there's a problem here. What about the test of the poopy diapers? When is the scope scheduled for? Wish I could be there to help you all through this. Please give hugs & kisses to all and know that I love you and you're in my prayers. Love~Mom

Angelle said...

It is so hard when things are out of your control. You are doing everything you can. Everyone agrees about that. YOU are a great mother.