Wednesday, April 30, 2008


When do boys stop with the peeing on the floor bit?

Ian stood in front of the toilet yesterday, pants down around his ankles, huge pee puddle over the entire floor, toilet not even open.

It was an eMERgency, he says.



Christina said...

I was going to blog about this very subject today. Zach is doing it on purpose though. The past two times I've put him in time-out he does it. UGHHH!!!!!!!!

Nikki said...

We keep having a lot of "accidents" over here too. Why do these kids tease us into learning how to do it right, then torment us by NOT doing it right?!

I'm starting to regret telling Halle, "It's ok, Mommy will clean it." I hear that EVERY time she has an accident now!

Jen said...

Oh, does it ever stop?

Todd said...

I just peed on the floor a bit two days ago. Sometimes you aren't quite's not pointed in just the right direction. Things happen you know!