Tuesday, April 29, 2008

School Daze

This morning, Ian did not want to go to school. I told him that he needs to go because:

1- It's fun.
2- He has lots of friends there to play with.
3- His teachers will miss him if he doesn't go.

and 4- He and Mommy need to take a break from each other sometimes. (!)

He looks at me and says, "But, Mommy. I want to stay here and talk to you ALL DAY LONG."

Now, honestly, you know I adore my children. But this whole no-nap thing is driving me just a little insane... as in, I NEED A BREAK EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE. And although the thought of his little voice rambling on all day long is cute...it also makes me twitch a little bit. Is that bad? Suddenly I'm feeling like a very, very bad mother.


Angelle said...

Are you crazy? I wanted to wring Leah's neck after the week of "why"s and "Mommy"s I had! More school is what I say!

Unknown said...

Why do you think I worked outside the home all those years....!

Jen said...

Right there with you. Eli doesn't start school until June, and I am counting the days. Sometimes I think "please just shut up" over and over in my head. I know I should be grateful for his verbal skills, but sometimes a girl just needs a break.

Case in point, he just came in here and said "Mom, will you help me poop?"

Duty calls...