Thursday, April 17, 2008

Not a Surprise.

Chase is starting to be mobile. In a kind of rolling-pushing-creeping kind of way. Nothing with a real name. And not real consistent.

When Ian started to crawl, he had one motivation. I've found it to be the same thing with Chase. I should have known. It shouldn't be a surprise, what with the techno-junkie I have for a husband.

Both of them are only mobile in order to reach the remote control.


Melanie said...

That is so funny! It was the same for Devin and I have been trying it with Logan! Logan is also rolling and getting up on all fours very briefly but is also going backwards. But he can really get around the room. I am enjoying the final days of him not getting into everything.
Go Chase, I hope you keep your Mom on her toes!

Grace said...

typical men!! Drew didn't crawl till 1 and Bruno went straight to walking-Avery on the other hand is into everything,she will crawl over to my purse and empty it! Just enjoy the time you have before he is mobile-as you know once they get it ,you can't turn back time!!!