Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Heads Up

Got a call from Grace just now that reminded me...

If you are my friend (or enemy!) and Bryan or I have your phone number programmed into our cell phones...you may just get a call from Wyndham Resorts regarding an exciting timeshare opportunity. Sorry!

While we were in Vegas, we accidentally bought a timeshare (what can I say? We are totally cheap and got suckered off the street into listening to their presentation for $100 worth of food vouchers to many restaurants on the strip!) and we were forced to give them the names of 24 of our closest friends and relatives in exchange for a really cool Las Vegas coffee mug and a luggage tag.

So. It's not a hoax. It's legit. You may as well take their 4 day/3 night stay in Vegas and listen to their spiel. Just tell them no at the end. You can get the same timeshare deal in resale for $10,000 cheaper than what they are selling it to you new. We actually ended up canceling our contract afterwards, but are interested in buying something resale if anyone has any leads...!

Sorry again, and you're welcome :)


Grace said...

Thanks- we just booked our vacation! We are doing a time share in Orlando first and since we are such valued customers she even threw in a FREE vacation to Vegas! all for a one time non refundable fee of $99.00 woo hoo! So when you see our pics from Universal Studios know that we are thinking of you! Oh yeah,she even gave us 2 FREE theme park tickets!

Todd said...

Wow...you are all suckers! Didn't your parents ever teach you how to say no? If I get the call I will very graciously thank them and hang up.

What's a FREE vacation to Vegas? Are they going to pay for your flights and parking during the trip and food and entertainment while you are there and gas and a rental car/taxi...etc.?

Hey Grace...I just figured out how to fix your A/C! Don't go on this FREE trip! :)

Rhiannon said...

We already got the call. Dave turned them down. We had some other things on our minds yesterday!

Mandi said...

Got the call, thanks :) They asked if i wanted a free trip to vegas. i said no, we already have our vacations planned this year.
Orlando? Myrtle Beach?
Well, where are you going? New York City.
Ok, thanks for your time. Click.
I guess they don't like New York.