Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Change

Ian and Leah were eating apples outside the other day. Leah's apple had skin on it, Ian's was peeled.

Ian: I don't like the skin.
Leah: I like skin.
Ian: That's because girls like skin, but boys don't.
Leah: Yeah, because I'm a girl (only she pronounces it go-ya, too cute!) and I like it.
Ian: Yeah. And when I turn into a girl, then I will like apple skin, too!

Hm...? How's that, again?


Rhiannon said...

That is hilarious! Let me know when the "change" happens so I can prepare Ty for his. I will finally get my daughter!

April said...

Alex went through a phase when he thought he would change into a girl. It drove Dan crazy to hear, "When I'm a girl..."