Thursday, January 24, 2008

School Days, School Days!

Today is Ian's 2nd day at preschool!

He is such a big boy. I'm so glad that we did this.

I'm getting better at the whole getting-out-of-the-house-on-time thing. The first day (Tuesday) was a little hairy. I asked him if he needed to "go" in a pull-up before he went to school (still afraid to do the deed in the toilet...) and he told me he didn't. Then, like 5 minutes before we had to leave, all of a sudden, guess what he needed to do?!? After that fiasco ("Nope- don't change me yet...I'm still poopin'!") we finally got to school a few minutes late. But I think that was actually good, because kids were already there, playing all over the place. Ian went straight to the boys on the floor with the cars and introduced BlueDog to them. I told him I'd see him at lunchtime, he said goodbye, gave me a kiss, and that was it! When I picked him up, he was so cute, sitting at circle time with all the kids. The teacher said he had a great day :)

I asked him about his first day in the car and he told me, "I rode a bike in the gym, but I didn't climb the tree." Not sure what that's about... Also, he is friends with "Jack, the big kid with yellow hair."

Today we got ready without incident, got to school mostly on time, and he just walked right in like he was a regular. We said our goodbyes, he joined the other kids. I'm glad he has such an easy time jumping into school. But on the other hand, the whiney Mommy part of me wonders if he is THAT tired of me?!? It's all good, though :)

It was really nice this morning to have Chase's play therapy without trying to entertain Ian at the same time. Now Chase is taking a nap, and I have a WHOLE HOUR before I need to pick Ian up.

It's quiet and weird here.


Michelle said...

Hooray for an hour of quiet!!

I love that Ian has a friend Jack with the yellow hair - so cute! Sounds like a fun adventure for Ian!

Bleeber said...

How ever will you deal with the Religious aspects of putting your child in that school. *seriously rolling on the floor* HA! HAAA! (Big love to the Gizzles)

Mandi said...

Remember before children when you had time that you didn't know what to do with and you just watched tv or something?

...yeah, didn't think so. :)

mom said...

Be glad he is so independent! I used to have to peel Scott from my leg when I dropped him off at daycare. I felt so bad!

Three years later he threatened to run away from home....go figure.