Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Lightening the Mood

Yesterday I left Ian and Leah and Chase in the car as I ran out to put the HOA sign in the median at the entrance to the neighborhood. I left the door open and could hear them chattering away. When I got back into the car, Ian tells me this(very seriously):

"When you were outside I couldn't put the mints back in this box (the console) and so I said 'Damnit'."

Oops. Apparently I'm not doing such a great job watching my mouth. I try. Things slip out and he's pretty preceptive.


Tiffanyrose said...

That is funny. I can just see Ian's mind working like this "There is a magic word out there that when uttered magic things happen. I will stand in front if the grocery doors and utter this magic word".
Then I can see this happening. Flash to scene of Ian standing in front of Food Lion doors. He waves his arms as he screams at the tops of his lungs "DAMNIT!" the doors open. Magical.

the mom... said...

Reminds me very much of a little girl of about three in the library who yelled "Mommy, help me find a book godammit!".

Bleeber said...

Hey, I wasn't done getting beat down by the Blog Mob. Lets go back to darker mood! Damnit!

Mindy said...

Hi Laurie! I stumbled onto your blog and I love it. I'm a mom of 4. I have 1 girl and 3 boys. I am also a mom to special needs kiddos. My son Samuel has Autism and Jonas (he's 8 months) has DS. Just wanted to say hey!


Christina said...

Hmmm...dammit is Zach's word of choice also. I think Ian and Zach would have a great time together. I'm sure they could cause a LOT of trouble. Zach dunked his finger in the toilet the other day and then put it in his mouth. I started screaming, Zach no no that is gross. He told me he was testing to see if the water was too cold to go swimming???