Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Today, despite numerous obstacles, I made it to my first School Law course. I want to write so much about what happened tonight and the feelings of fate/destiny/God-works-in-mysterious-ways...but I don't really want to sit here for as long as that would take; so I'm giving you the Cliff Notes version.

1- I almost didn't take it because it was overbooked and I had to beg the dean to bend the rules for me.

2- My professor taught for 10 years in an EC classroom before going into administration and eventually becoming the Superintendent of Union County Schools.

3- There are at least 7 other students in the 30 person class with EC backgrounds.

4- The EC teacher from the school that I did my practicum in last year is in the class (and she also has 4 children, each one with special needs).

5- A lady in there has a child with mental disabilities (not Ds)- she also has 13, yes, count them, 13 children.

6- Both #4 and #5 went out of their way to talk to me about Chase and tell me their stories- how their kids changed their lives. They are such strong advocates, and I loved speaking with them. They told me, "Don't you EVER listen to what anybody tells you Chase can or cannot do."

Good words.


Tiffanyrose said...

I like those ladies and I never even met them. They are absolutly right.

Mandi said...

very cool. What's EC? (i'm going to guess: Emotionally Challenged?) I'm very excited to learn what you learn in this class. :) (both from the professor and the other students! they sound awesome!)