Saturday, January 12, 2008


Stanford School of Medicine's Center for Research and Treatment of Down Syndrome.

All of it is interesting- their mission, message, and research. Especially this most recent finding in 2007: "Pharmacotherapy improves cognitive performance in a Down syndrome mouse model".


Emily said...

I REALLY hope that this new treatment becomes available for our kids. At least right now it provides hope!

One of Macy's doctors (who also has a grown daughter with DS and is head of the DS clinic) said that he expects the differences between the adults with DS now and in the past vs adults in 20-30 years to present like a totally different syndromes.

Who knows what the future holds? This sounds promising!

Kacey Bode said...

Very interesting!

Tom said...

Thanks for the link... it helped me to understand why so little money is put into DS research.

"Scientists believe that Down syndrome is a disorder that is too complex and difficult to understand, let alone one for which effective treatments can be found. For this reason, the government invests little money in Down syndrome research. As a direct consequence, few young investigators feel secure enough to embark on the ambitious mission of understanding and treating Down syndrome."