Sunday, June 6, 2010

Summertime List

Things I want to do this summer:

*Read a lot with all the boys, like all day long.
*Music classes with Mr Nigel on Fridays at the bookstore.
*Library classes
*Swim with the boys, whenever we can.
*Plant wildflowers in my side garden
*Dye Ian's hair with Kool-Aid
*Start gymnastics with Ian and Chase
*Stay on top of piano practicing with Ian
*Potty train Chase (or at least get a good start.  Or get him to pee on the potty successfully.  Once.)
*Eat many popsicles
*Keep up with new friends and old ones
*Run through the sprinkler
*Stay in our bathing suits as much as possible
*Eat lots of garden-fresh veggies
*Catch  up on everyone's doctor and dental visits!!
*Indulge in Sonic Happy Hours and Dollar Ice Cream Cones at least twice a week :)
*Make photo books for Chase (speech therapy!)

I probably have more to add...just trying to keep a record of everything that I think of!  Summer officially starts on Friday this week :)  Woot!

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