Thursday, June 10, 2010

Little Fish

We have the ghetto pool up and running now, and my little Ian has been in it for the majority of the last 3 days.  Swimming is the first thing he wants to do in the morning and is the last thing he talks about at night (well, that and how he lost Blue Dog, who, BTW has been MIA for 2 days now and we are very close to losing it over here).

Summer break, even though it hasn't officially started yet (I have daycare kids until Friday) is well under way, in Ian's eyes.  Chase even enjoyed his first day of freedom- although his idea of water play is different.  Mainly he is into emptying the kiddie pool or the water table with different sized cups and buckets, often pouring it out over other people's heads or feet.  Keep alert, people.  He WILL get you if you are not paying attention.

Ice cream cones, popsicles on the back porch, sunscreen, funky goggles, warming in the sun, playing in the water until his lips turn blue and his teeth is here.  

I promise pictures soon...I've just been out enjoying the moments without the camera (I even got into the pool today- and it was COLD)...because we all know salt water and my clumsiness would not go well together.

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