Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Preschool Graduation

Ian had his graduation ceremony last week...I would have posted sooner, but, you know.  3 kids, busy, blah, blah, blah.

He has been at First Presbyterian Preschool for 3 years now- and each year has been even better than the last.  He LOVES it there, and shed quite a few tears on the way home from the farewell picnic on Thursday.

But on to the best part...awfully cute photos:

The theme was "Who Let the Frogs Out?!" and the kids hopped down the aisle one at a time wearing these ridiculous frog visors.  Ian has been into accessories for a while now, and was wearing a washer on a chain around his neck, which flew all over the place, smacking him in the head each time he jumped.  Oh, and he was also chewing gum for the entire ceremony- the jumping, the pledge, the singing, the dancing, the diploma-getting.  Still cute, though.
Who let the frogs out?

All good rappers have star shaped sunglasses.
Lummi sticks make a come-back.

I love that he is young enough to proudly wear a piece of cardboard and an upside-down paper bowl :)

The two best preschool teachers EVER- Miss Beth and Miss Kitty.

The 5 Muskateers at the farewell picnic- Colin, Ian, Ava, Katherine, and Leah.

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Cate said...

so cute! love the frogs.