Saturday, June 12, 2010

Summer Photo Dump

Here are a bunch of random summer photos:

Ian, Kenna, and Samantha chillin' in the pool.  They are LOVING it.  It is the BEST thing to have in the backyard.  

Chase still loves this chair that we gave him for Christmas 2 years ago.  He parks himself here for his "I'm just waking up" time or his "I'm really tired and don't care to socialize with anyone" time or his "I want to watch a 'show-show?' and it better be 'Gabba...?'" time.

At Ian's end of season soccer picnic.  No photos, please, Mom.  Really.  Stop.  Stop now.

Guy is so freaking cute all the time.

I bought a new pool toy- a boat with little leg holes for Gavin to float in.  After Ian blew it up, Chase stepped in, and ran frenetically around the house, laughing hysterically while Ian and Gavin tried to catch him.

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Mandi said...

OMG Chase looks so tall in the soccer pic!!