Saturday, June 12, 2010


I've been looking for something PT for Chase to be in this summer...not that he doesn't have mad physical strength already, but he could use some help still with running, jumping, and foot over foot stair climbing.  Not to mention the fact that the child has energy like a nuclear reactor.

So I took him this morning to a trial class at a local gymnastics place.  I talked to the front desk lady beforehand, told her about Chase and asked what class she thought he might fit into best.  She (kind of to my surprise) suggested we try out the 3-4 year old class.  Oh, and she had a sister with Down syndrome and she thought Chase would LOVE it.  Perfect.

So we go.  And although Chase had a good time, I was a little disappointed to admit that it is just a bit over his head.  I mean, he attempted everything that they were doing, and the instructor was very patient with him, and there were only 3 others in the class...but his attention span and general ability to follow directions are just.not.there.  Not yet.

Honestly, I know putting him in the 2-3 year old class would be fine.  He would probably fit in great there.  He'd probably fit in, do fantastic, and have a blast.  But secretly?  I hate that.  I hate admitting that he can't fly with his peers.  I feel like it is admitting defeat.

Bah.  Screw you, Down syndrome.


LeShayne said...

Tori was 9 years old, weeks away from turning 10, just played a whole season on a 6-8 yr old softball team. She had a blast, the younger kids adored her, and she learned more than she would have riding the bench and lagging behind in her age group AND had more fun being able to actually play! Sometimes life goes that way. Chase is awesome. You know it, he seems to know it. Don't let an age bracket get you down!

Cate said...

aw, Laurie. I know this feeling, exactly. it's very much like what we just did with Abby's dance class. it sucks.

are you going to try the 2-3 class?

blah. I'm sorry.

Michelle Z said...

ooooh, been there. Screw you, DS, indeed.

Whatever. We know how awesome Chase is!

carydip said...

Better that he has fun, learns, is able to keep up and get stronger! LeShayne's right, forget the numbers-that's all they are, you know every kid develops at his own pace. You don't want him to get frustrated, bored or disappointed. Watch him in the 2-3 class as he shines, smiles, tumbles & achieves! 3 IS his age group! I love you.~Mom