Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Annual Eye Check Up (or to the plank with ye, Matey!!)

Well, it took 3 hours and 45 minutes, but we made it.  The boys were generally well behaved, and by that I mean that while they were climbing over the chairs and benches and running throughout the 2 room waiting area, they weren't kicking and screaming or crying.  Just squeals of glee as I chased them around, entertained them by wearing Chase's green frog on my head, fed them every snack I had packed in the diaper bag, as well as shared snacks with all the other waiting children, watched 2 movies, and emptied my wallet several times.  Plus countless other activities.

The receptionist told us when we arrived that they were running an hour late.  Um, would have been nice to know before I woke Chase up from his teeny tiny nap to try and make it here on time for our appointment...

2 hours later, we were finally called back, where the nurse asked me some questions, then put the drops in Chase's eyes and shooed us back to the waiting room to cause more havoc "for about 30 minutes."

1 hour later, they called us back again, where we played in the back room for 25 minutes before the dr made her appearance.  Chase, for being exhausted not only from his 20 minute nap, but also from running laps around the waiting room all afternoon, did exceptionally well.  He let her look into his eyes, and sat mostly patiently for the whole exam.

The results:  his left eye is not growing, lengthwise, as much as his right eye.  It is officially Mild Amblyopia.  So, the choices for correcting it are 1) Wear glasses from sun up to sun down or 2) patch his right eye for an hour every day so that his left eye will strengthen its muscles.  She suggested trying the patch first, and if that doesn't work, moving on to glasses.  I have to agree.  I cannot even imagine keeping glasses on Chase all day long, not to mention spending money on them only to have them thrown around, bent up, snapped, and chewed on.  I will gladly attempt to wrestle with him for an hour every day to keep the patch on to avoid that.

Everyone work on your pirate jargon.  Cap'n Chasey Face will be here tomorrow morning!  Arrrgh!!!

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