Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ian Reads!

My goal this summer is to get Ian up and fiendishly reading.  He is SO close.  He loves being read to, he knows all his letters and sounds, and he is interested in it.  He will point out signs and words that he knows, and he spells out words that he sees in print and asks what they are.  I've worked a little bit with him using flashcards with sight words, and we've read some pre-primer level books together, but today, TODAY was the first time he GOT it.

He read about 10 pages of Hop on Pop, with minimal assistance from me.  He has finally realized that the letters will tell him what the word is, and that when he takes the time to figure them out, it is FUN!  He was so proud of himself.  He kept saying, "I am just SO EXCITED Mom!!  I just can't believe I'm READING!"

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Kelly said...

YEAH, Ian!!! Way to go:)