Sunday, May 25, 2008

More Catch-Up

I am really doing a terrible job of blogging. Here is another random catch-up post from this week:

*New here! We've been driving a loaner from Hyundai this week, but on Thursday we picked up and paid for our van. I'd post a picture, but our camera is in the shop again. Ian thinks it's "great, great, great!" and Chase has yet to spit up in it. I'm sure it's coming...

*Butt problems: Chase has a mad diaper rash. Poor dude.

*I founnd my magical power last night: making chocolate martinis. Yum. We partied with the Gallers and their friends from CA last night. Bryan is sleeping in this morning...:)

*Remember when I was digging out the front bed a while ago? Well, I finished it recently...and my mom helped me out with plants, and so far, I haven't killed anything! I'm looking for a tree to put in there, but otherwise, landscaping is done! Again- no picture. Sorry. Stupid camera.

*More planting news: My sunflowers are almost 4 feet tall! And there are blossoms on my green beans! And my green onions look like onions!!

*Ian's last day of school was this week. *sigh*

That is all for now. Chase is done eating his watermelon for breakfast and he is ready to be done with all the highchair nonsense.

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