Monday, May 19, 2008


It's been awhile. I have no excuses.

Hi Tiffany!

Anyhoo. Lots of things going on.

*I sent out my transcript for my final class...should be a graduate next week, I think. Can't remember when the actual ceremony is. I'll have to look that up so that I can celebrate or something.

*We bought a van! It's a Hyundai Entourage and I LOVE it. I'm still getting over the actualization of becoming a minivan mom, but it's freaking NICE. Just in time, too, because Bryan's stupid car was sometimes refusing to go into 4th and/or reverse.

*Went to lots of birthday parties this weekend. Happy birthday to Leah and Lindsay :) Ian now has entirely too much candy at the house again. And I will NOT eat it again.

*I realized that I haven't updated you on my broken toe situation. I never went to the dr about it- I think it's pretty much fine. I think I'll even be able to get on the treadmill again, well, someday. Speaking of the treadmill, it's not getting very much use from anyone. Chase is still on strike.

*ST is going really well. I'm very very happy that we have Miss Erin, who is very logical and gives me homework assignments and directions.

*I watched Logan for the first time today. It went ok. He's very clingy. And have you ever noticed that other peoples' kids' cries are SO MUCH MORE ANNOYING than your own kids'??! Oy. But, he's a sweet kid and just needs some time to adjust. He actually did better than I thought he would :) No worries.

Ian is trying every trick in the book to not 'rest' right now, so I am off to corral him back into his room. Then I will find something on my humongous list of chores to do. No more blogging time for me.

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