Sunday, January 30, 2011

Star Wars Planning

I was making the invitations for Ian's Star Wars birthday party (my boy's gonna be SIX!!) and I came across this graphic:

Ha!  There's my giggle for the day.

Edited to add:
I should have waited until I searched through all the results to post this, because there are a LOT of hilarious Star Wars things out there.  Like this:

Or you know how everyone in the world has cute vinyl lettering on their walls now?


Those Storm Troopers are EVERYWHERE:

For the littles:

Dang.  I wish I hadn't just bought my Dyson:

...and I am not even going to post the photo of the large man with the characters from Star Wars tattooed on his back.

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Anonymous said...

We did foam pool noodle lightsabers for my son's party and they were a huge hit.