Sunday, January 30, 2011

Conversation with Chase

I put Chase to bed 2 hours ago, and just now I heard him thumping around in his room.

Me:  Chase, what are you doing?
Chase:  Play.  Ow! (he is shutting a stuffed monkey's arm into the toy box)
Me:  Chase, why are you playing now?
Chase:  No sleep.
Me:  Chase, you have to go to bed now.  It's night time, okay?
Chase:  No-kay.  Play!

This conversation doesn't look like much, but this is HUGE for us.  Even though he was out of bed, blatantly not doing what he was supposed to be doing (go to sleep, for crap's sake, child!!) I was so proud of this little exchange that I couldn't care less that he was trapping a monkey inside a toy box instead of snoozing.

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