Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Castle in the Sky

Since it was a snow day (our second this week, and one more tomorrow!!) we got pizza and a movie for dinner tonight...it's like camping out, but in.

Bryan started the movie and we were busy bees getting the food handed out and such...and didn't really realize that we were watching the Japanese version of Castle in the Sky until we were about 10 minutes into it.  So, he went to go change it and find something, you know, in our language, and Chase threw a fit!  He didn't care what language it was, he liked it.  AND Ian wanted to continue watching, too (he also said that we 'could just read all the captions for me and then I would know what was going on.'  We refused- bad parents- on the grounds that we would also like to eat our meal, too).

So that's how we spent the night.  Watching a movie no one understood, but everyone liked.

*Sidenote:  Ian's new favorite word is apparently.

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Liza said...

On of my students is obsessed with Castle in the Sky, so we held a movie night so that she could share it with the other kids. 4 kids showed up. I didn't really understand it in English...but they all loved it, so I was happy about that.