Sunday, January 2, 2011

Clean Freak

This week Chase has evolved into a little neat freak.  Well, a selective neat freak.  If he gets the least bit of food on himself, or the table, or his clothes, he kind of whines, says, "Mess!  Oh, no!" (or some combination of those words strung together), and will not let you rest until you wipe him off.

OR if you are, say, changing the laundry upstairs and not around to serve him, he will get a giant wad of napkins from off the counter and use them to wipe off the one blob of rice and beans that he spilled.

OR he might take off his pants and wipe the yogurt off the ground and then give you the pants, claiming that they are 'wet'.

OR he might try to wipe Guy's mouth after every bite he takes (cue agitated screams from Gavin).

I am hoping that this neat freak habit is going to carry over into the toy department.  I am just the tiniest bit over the category 4 hurricane aftermath status that is our playroom.  It would be lovely if someone could develop an urgency to put things back on the shelves when they are done.

*In other news about cleaning, I broke down and bought a Dyson.  It is a refurbished older model, but dang, if it isn't a THOUSAND TIMES better than our dying Hoover.  

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LeShayne said...

Tori went through that phase - and while it did extend to the table, floor, etc...never the toys. I hope it does for you.