Friday, January 28, 2011

McDonald's and Other Randomness

*Going to McDonald's now with the kids is super fun, except when it is on a Friday night and there are one hundred other children in the habitrail.  Then it is freaking loud.  Still, the boys are all really quite independent on it now, and Ian is so good at keeping an eye on the littles to make sure they don't get trampled on.

*Guy has been clingy lately, which makes it hard to get a whole lot of anything done here lately, which is awesome because I have PTA stuff to do and adoption stuff to do...and that little thing called laundry and cooking for everyone.  Let's just say I am really glad it is Friday :)

*I lost my voice last week and it is still not back completely.  I sound like a 1-900 operator, which is weird when I say stuff like, "Clean up your room!" and "Please go practice the piano."

*Ian has come home with TWO B's below the line, which is Kindergarten-speak for behavior warnings.  Apparently he is now comfortable enough at school to talk too much to his classmates instead of doing his work.  The second time he came home with a B-below-the-line, I had him write an apology note to his teacher.  He got all bent out of shape because "All you want to do is WASTE MY PLAYTIME!!!"  Oh, really?  I'll show you wasting playtime, Mister.  I thought this kind of stuff didn't happen until he was at least 8...

*Did you know that jumping on the trampoline and playing DS at the same time was even possible??!

That's it for now.  My goodness, I am tired.

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