Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Melmo Mania

We had a little Elmo crisis here.  I bought an Elmo Alive from a consignment store for Gavin's big Christmas present...but then found out after replacing the batteries Christmas eve, that the Elmo didn't quite work. 

SO then I ordered a new TMX Elmo from Amazon to be the replacement (better late than never).  I was so excited to see Gavin's reaction to it.

Turns out, however, that his reaction was:  terrified.

He warmed up, though, and now thoroughly enjoys his array of "Melmos"- the working one, the broken one, the old one...and a tiny one that is always shunned and thrown aside.

Today, he lovingly put the 3 Elmos that he liked to bed on the kitchen floor, tucking them in with blankets and pillows (also mostly Melmo-themed, a gift from Bryan's mom), and saying, "Niiii, niiii, Melmo."


Angelle said...

Adam is all about Elmo too. Man I wish we hadn' gotten rid of our TMX Elmo. He would've loved it.

Laurie said...

I didn't even know you had a TMX Elmo!