Monday, January 24, 2011


Guy is so big now.

He was just eating a cup of yogurt (with a spoon, by himself) and when he was finished, he looked down at the drips on the table and said, "Uh-oh!  Mess!" so he got down from his chair, walked to the stove, grabbed the towel hanging there, took it over to the table, smeared yogurt all over the table wiped the drips up, and then hung the towel back up.

THEN, I set down the yogurt I was feeding one of my daycare kids, and I turned around to the computer to blog that (because if I don't do it right away I forget).  When I turned back a minute later, he was feeding the yogurt to her in my absence.  When I took it back over (because, honestly, a 19 month old feeding a 15 month old is a messy process) he let out this big sigh, like, "I can't believe I have to do everything around here."

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carydip said...

That's adorable!! Oh my but he's grown up. I'd love to see some videos. I'm setting up my Skype THIS week-he's growing up without my attention and I hate it! I love you all so much. Give them kisses for me. Love~Mom (Grama)